Packing Hack for Toddlers

We just returned from a 3 week vacation. The vacation itself was wonderful! However the actual packing for the trip I dreaded, especially packing for my toddler. I try to keep all of his outfits together when loading them into the suitcase but they still end up getting disheveled during the trip. Which leads my husband or I to digging around trying to find him an outfit or his pajamas for the rest of the trip. I find it annoying at best. While getting ready to start packing, I remembered a Pinterest pin I had read last year about a packing hack for toddlers using ziplock bags. I thought it was a little far fetched until I tried it myself. It was a huge time saver. So I thought I’d share it with you.


Here’s what you’ll need:

Ziplock Bags: Gallon Size

Complete Outfits: Including Underwear/Diaper and socks

A Sharpie

On a Ziplock bag write your child’s name. Draw a Sun or a Moon on it. The Sun will be for daytime clothes and Moon for pajamas.  Next you’ll place an outfit inside the bag, press all of the air out and seal it. Place it into the suitcase and there you have it. Now when you need an outfit you don’t have to spend all that time searching for socks or undies. Just grab it and go.

Decorative Grocery Bag Container

As far back as I can remember, my family has always saved and reused grocery bags. So naturally as an adult I do the same. However, they tend to pile up in an unorganized fashion. Today I’m going to show you how to turn an old wipe container into an adorable grocery bag storage container.


Here’s what you’ll need:

Scissors or Rotary Cutter


Mod Podge Glue

Paint Brush

Measuring Tape

Empty Wipe Container

IMG_9973First you’ll want to remove the paper from your wipe container, if you haven’t already. Remove as much of the left over adhesive as you can. Next take a measuring tape and measure around the container. Add an inch to that . For example, my container was 16inches around and I added an inch making it 17inches. After you’ve done that measure the container height wise.

IMG_9989.JPGThen you’ll cut your fabric to the size you need.

IMG_9991Once you’ve done that  you’ll turn your piece of cut fabric right side down and apply Mod Podge Glue to the back of it.

IMG_9992Next you will wrap the fabric around the container, smoothing out any imperfections as you go.

IMG_9996Where your fabric meets take the excess and fold it under the side that hasn’t been laid down yet and apply glue. This will create a nice seam.*You may see some glue coming through the pretty side of the fabric. Just take your brush and brush it out. Don’t stress, it’ll dry clear. (:

Then you’ll turn your container upside down and let it dry. If you have excess fabric wait until its dry and cut it off or if it’s not too much you can glue it to the bottom.

There you have it ladies and gentleman, a decorative place to store all of your grocery bags.